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As you all know, exchanging Paypal directly into Bitcoin is almost impossible, occasionally a person or website pops up offering this service ...

69 Fucker
69 Fucker

As you all know, exchanging Paypal directly into Bitcoin is almost impossible, occasionally a person or website pops up offering this service but they don’t last for long. Fortunately I have discovered a great method to get around this problem and not only that; if you follow my tips and use some common sense then you should be able to use this method for a long time, even if others burn it!

So what we are going to do is add an extra step to the process by buying an alternative cryptocurrency first – Dogecoin (which is where the To The Moon reference come from). Dogecoin started a bit of a joke but has now become quite popular with an almost cult following.

The great thing about this scenario is that this now means you can buy Dogecoin with Paypal! So let’s get straight to it, but before we start please us a middleman Paypal account to do this. You need to take the chargeback hit yourself in order to keep the method going. You could probably go directly and let the Dogecoin vendor take the hit. But after reading this guide I hope you will realise how foolish that will be. So, to purchase Dogecoin with Paypal we actually have a few sites to choose from:

  • Doge For Sale: – this is like Localbitcoins for Dogecoin, the only difference being MOST people accept Paypal as a payment method. It’s quite new but is slick and easy to use. I have also seen new sellers com onto this site a lot, so it is a good one to work with.
  • Local Dogecoin – – as above, this is a localbitcoins site for dogecoin. Different sellers and so more opportunities to buy.
  • Reddit Market: -this is a reddit based Dogecoin marketplace. Lots of offers on here but you may have to scroll through some other stuff *all sorts of stuff is for sale) before you find some to buy
  • Doges – – a Dogecoin forum with exchange subsection.

There are also some other websites where you can buy Dogecoin with Paypal but they tend to come and go, and also they are too expensive, so I recommend using the three above. As they are markets with lots of sellers, so even when you start with no reputation, you will still find someone to buy from.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy some Dogecoin from one of the above places, if you use either of the bottom 2 then you will need a Dogecoin wallet. And I recommend using – this is just (for Dogechain) which I am sure you are familiar with it. If you use then it has an inbuilt wallet and you won’t need a separate one. When you have your Dogecoin then you are almost there, preferred way to do this is by using which allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies for each other. They have never asked me for any verification documents or similar and the trades and withdrawals are always done quickly. You will need a valid email though as before each BTC withdrawal they send a verfication email with a link you must click. They are probably many more exchanges which you can use, but as I haven’t done I won’t recommend any others.


69 Fucker

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