Receiving and Cashing out the PayPal by Yasuo

Through this tutorial, you will learn how to make and get receiving account and cashout techniques and methodologies, written by one of the ...

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69 Fucker

Through this tutorial, you will learn how to make and get receiving account and cashout techniques and methodologies, written by one of the most famous darknet PayPal cashing out master Mr. Yasuo



First, PayPal is one of the biggest payment processor that processes payments instantly. Now a lot of fraudsters are abusing this system. However, if you do not devise your plan on how to receive blackhat funds and have the right arsenal to cash these out, you are just wasting both your money and time. However, this guide will be your beacon of light till the money reaches your ANON DEBIT CARD, BANK ACCOUNT, etc

Due to the fact that PayPal is the biggest payment processor in the internet and they don’t have enough employees to manually check each and every transaction, they have robots implemented in their system that are extremely annoying even when used legibly. The best way to avoid any red flags with PayPal is to act as if you’re regular user. To avoid this, you need distinguish yourself as a legit user. I urge that you create a lot of PayPal accounts if you want to cashout more in the future. It is a bad way thinking of depending on 1 good account to cashout all your funds. Eventually, PayPal will catch up to your activities. Even the legit users are getting screwed by PayPal.

I have a couple of tips and tricks on how to avoid limitations and can successfully cashout PayPal funds. First, it all depend on how hard you want to cashout. Remember, in this world, there is no such thing as easy money. Sometimes there are but it won’t last long. My guide focuses on huge future cashout. Why settle for $200/day cashout when you can get $5000/day in the long run?


Offers the best possibilities since you have full control and it’s free.


  • Full Control
  • No Investment Needed


  • Take a while to mature the account
  • Need to get documents incase of limitations

You will need no investment in creating your own account. However, I advise that you try to stay away from creating US account just because US accounts need more things than a non-US account will need. For example, for verification, US accounts need a bank account rather than the usual VCC. However, there is an alternative for this. You can just Virtual Bank Account (VBA) to verify.

For CASHOUT ACCOUNTS, I only recommend PERSONAL ACCOUNT TYPE. Why? They may not have the biggest cashout but once and is backed by a very good transaction history, cashout out $5000/day shouldn’t be a problem at all. So now you ask me why I prefer PERSONAL over PREMIER/BUSINESS ACCOUNTS? I only prefer it because a complication is inevitable with PayPal. Even the biggest seller in eBay face limitations. This can happen if you accept a lot of funds without any good source. I also explain in the ACCOUNT TYPES on how to send payments on CASHOUT ACCOUNTS.


No more verifying, obtaining, VBAS/VCCS or Business documents, and have people do the work for you


  • Full Control
  • They provide the documents
  • They help you fight chargebacks


  • You invest to acquire these accounts
  • Only offers a one suspension guarantee
  • Third-party seller, so support is quite limited

For this account, we just buy a verified PERSONAL/ PERMIER/ BUSINESS account from a third-party seller. They have their own PROS/CONS but do not worry as your investment will be put to work. I haven’t used them but per the feedbacks from different users, they are very friendly, their prices are fair enough for what they offer. They even help you fight chargebacks as part of their services

That is the site that we are going to buy our verified PERSONAL/ PREMIER / BUSINESS accounts. I personally would have gone through them if I didn’t setup any of my accounts yet. However, I will still purchase one from them to even expand my cashout potential. Allow 24-48 hours for complete deliver. And you will get the necessary information from them.


No more verifying, obtaining VBAS/VCCS or Business documents, and have people do the work for you


  • Very cheap
  • Extremely Easy to acquire
  • Good Transaction History on most


  • High security risk
  • Not everything can send funds
  • Might require a burner phone to send funds

For DIRTY SANCHEZ/ MIDDLE MARTINEZ, they will be explained later. But to summarize them, these are basically our receivers for dirty/ semi-clean transfer. These accounts will usually be very cheap and they are very hard to deal with sometimes because you are not the owner and you can trigger security measures easily if you do not know what you are doing.

This is the site of hacked/stolen PayPal accounts. They have wide range of accounts. From different countries to different account types to different credit cards/ bank accounts, and a lot more. They have the freshest account and they regularly update their database. If you ever get an invalid account, they will check it and fully refund your purchase.


Alright, now you have verified premier/ business DIRTY SANCHEZ/ MIDDLE MARTINEZ and a very good Cashout Account / the equalizer. You may ask me what’s next? To be able to receive a rather big transaction ($100+). You need to act legitimately in front of PayPal’s eyes. You need to get rid of PayPal’s robot attention. To do this, I have a system that I call PROGRESSIVE TRANSFER, progressive transfer is like building up transaction. For better example, you first spend $5, and then $10, and then $50, and then $100.

This way you are avoiding one of the biggest security risk in PayPal which is receiving an unlikely big money in PayPal out of nowhere. This way, you are trying to make your account look legit buy have consecutive micro-transactions. However, sometimes PayPal is just unpredictable. You only have a limit of how much and how many funds you can get in your account. There is no magic number to this. But for quantity, I would like to stay under 10. And no more than $200 for a fresh account. Always stay under 10 each day. But you can go more than $200 in the long run.

To have PROGRESSIVE TRANSFERS on your account. You would want to get small amounts of transfers in consistent basics. So, how are you going to do this? First, you would need fast-selling yet easy obtain niches. For example, Pandora codes, PSN Cards, Xbox One Membership cards, Grooveshark Codes, and anything else you can imagine. Now, how are we going to sell this? I would love to make sure of the following forums: Hackforums, and thebotnet. Hackforums has the highest activity in all 3. Now, the easiest way to sell is having a nice reputation. By doing this you can either buy 1337 Membership and then eventually become UB3R. or you can give vouches to reputed members. Remember not ask for +reps as they don’t like those.

Now that you have a good transaction history on your CASHOUT ACCOUNTS, it’s time to even accept bigger funds just so you can cashout bigger funds in the future. Just think of bigger niches that sells fast. On our CASHOUT ACCOUNTS, it’s always best to avoid chargebacks. So, try to refund your customers if possible as we don’t want any future complications.



This account is the receiver of all dirty/ semi-clean funds. I will talk more about Mr. Sanchez later.

The job of this account is to receive all the dirty/ semi-clean funds from PayPal Transfer. You will not create this account. Instead, we will take the easy route on this bad boy since he won’t last very long in the end. Always remember, to avoid instant-limitation of this account, always login with SOCKS5 on the account’s city. Using DIRTY SANCHEZ is quite tricky. That’s why I want to isolate this account. There are numerous ways of account isolation. VM, new user account, VPD/RDP and more. The reason for this, is for PayPal to think that you are always logging in the same place. Keeping cookies and whatnot. Remember to act like the owner. Change computer language/timezone. Always keep cookies and never use a blacklisted IP address. Try to acquire a DEDICATED VPN or a long-lasting SOCKS. Remember, one mistake can be fatal on this guy.

First step is to head over 69 Marketplace, the number one seller for Hacked PayPal accounts. What we do is to get an account that will act as DIRTY SANCHEZ. The criteria for this will be the following:

  • Verified
  • Last Login: At least 1 year ago
  • If possible, with email address
  • Preferably no Bank account/ credit card attached
  • Premier/ Business Account type so it can receive direct payments from credit/ debit cards

Personally, I would get an account that has $0 balance. I don’t agree on getting accounts with balance left, but that’s just me. Now that we have our own verified account that’s aged, and possibly has a good history of transactions, DIRTY SANCHEZ is now acquired.

What we cannot assure at this moment is whether the email address is still active or not. Then comes a service that we call email spammer. There are a lot of sites/ people who offer these services. What we do next is to make a small ATO (Account takeover). Since we got an account that doesn’t have credit card/ bank account, we can easily change the primary address on the account. This step can be critical sometimes. However, you shouldn’t worry.

First, we spam the email of the user. Enough to fill his inbox/spam. Now, change primary address, and then spam. Change security questions, and then spam. Change password, and then spam. It might be a bit tedious, but we want to be successful than sorry, right?


This account is the receiver of funds from DIRTY SANCHEZ, the funds are still traceable here.

To summarize MIDDLE MARTINEZ, he is just a secondary DIRTY SANCHEZ. But he will not accept any semi-clean/ dirty funds directly. He will receive funds from DIRTY SANCHEZ to initiate the process of transferring. MIDDLE MARTINEZ will then forward the funds to THE EQUALIZER. The point of having this account is to prevent automatic limitation when getting charged back from DIRTY SANCHEZ. Also, this account will not receive a direct chargeback from the semi-clean funds. So basically, it can delay all the chargebacks.

I have proven that when it takes quite a while for a chargeback to occur, MIDDLE MARTINEZ would not have affected automatically. Which means, we have quite an ample time to successfully cut the trace. For MIDDLE MARTINEZ to receive funds from DIRTY SANCHEZ, we will use a third party site to avoid any future complications and to bulletproof some, if not most, of our transactions.

The easiest one is Payhip. As they do not close your account even if a chargeback happens. And they easily send money from 1 PayPal to the other.


This account will break the trace of DIRTY SANCHEZ AND MIDEL MARTINEZ.

THE EQUALIZER must have almost the same quality of our CASHOUT ACCOUNT. This guy will act as our “LEGITIMATE BUYER.” This way, when PayPal reviews the transaction on our cashout account, it will be clean, thus avoiding any sort of complications.

Now, you will ask me, why it is called THE EQUALIZER? This guy will cut the trace of funds and will be immune to future chargebacks. I will tell you how this account will be immune to chargebacks. In PayPal, you can only chargeback a payment once, after that, it’s done deal. So, problem. THE EQUALIZER MUST BE A PERSONAL ACCOUNT. Why? The documents needed to unlimited a Personal account is easier than a PERMIER/ BUSINESS account.


This is the account that we have worked for to cashout the payments for us.

You can basically attach a drop bank account/ card here. However, it’s always best to avoid any of your personal identities. Basically when our CASHOUT ACCOUNT receives money from THE EQUALIZER, it is now 100% clean because there will be no more trace of blackhat transfers here.

You can use this account to purchase online withdraw to any/bank account that you want. If built well, you can easily look at an easy $1k/day/cashout account. And we can do PROGRESSIVE WITHDRAWAL on these accounts. So you can do $1k/day this week. $2k/day the following week.



One of the easiest ways to cashout DIRTY & MIDDLE MARTINEZ is to buy digital items that can be traded with cash. Something that isn’t reversible. For example, UKASH. Once you get the voucher, you can immediately covert that to BTC. Just Google UKASH-BTC. Another example is, MMOCURRENCY. The best currency to get right now is RUNESCAPE since they are always there from the beginning. All you should do is, make a PROGRESSIVE PURCHASE from a certain seller. The good thing with RUNESCAPE is that there are lot of sellers, and absolutely many buyers. HIGH DEMAND – LOW SUPPLY. Most of the sellers can do CURRENCY – WU/PayPal.

We can also do DIRTY SANCHEZ straight to THE EQUALIZER/ CASHOUT ACCOUNT but needs a lot of patient to do this. What we do is to head over Fiverr. We can now use Hackforums/Leak for this purpose. You just should SE people and tell them that, CLICK HERE TO GET $1 PROFIT FOR EVERY TRANSACTION. You just must pay the people in the forums $6 every time they purchase your gig, this is the best and fastest way to get your gig known on Fiverr. Since it’s MIDDLE MARTINEZ, there shouldn’t be any complications. We need a CASHOUT ACCOUNT to do this. So basically, the purpose of this is to make your Fiverr Account a LEVEL 2 seller. Level 2 has Extra Gigs.

  • 1 GIG = $5
  • Max # of Gigs per order = $8
  • Extra Gigs = $40/max I believe per order (Only 1 quantity though)
  • Total Amount = $40

You should have known when Fiverr will cashout your sales. There’s a specific week in a month where they cashout your sales, but these funds are 100% clean. And no chargeback from Fiverr. However, Fiverr is no the only site. You can also do this with SEOClerks or GraphicRiver.


There are a lot of ways to send the funds from MIDDLE MARTINEZ to CASHOUT ACCOUNT. First we have 2 options from the PayPal site itself. The we have third party payment processors like Payhip, GoFundMe, Fundrazr, and the list goes on. Now, the technique to have a safe, or what I call GHOST TRANSFER, is to have a consistent type of payment process from MIDDLE MARTINEZ to CASHOUT ACCOUNT. Let’s say, you send funs as gift, try to send them as gift all the time. However, I discover the usage of gift as I learned the lesson in a hard way.

The best thing to do this is GoFundMe. First, we must setup our GoFundMe site, attach CASHOUT ACCOUNT to it CASHOUT ACCOUNT to it, and then we will make this GoFundME page look like it’s indeed a legitimate fundraiser. On personal experience, I even received donations from other people summing everything up to $2k. Lol, even though it’s just a fake fundraiser.

The best way to make this look legit is to use Fiverr. Just search GoFundMe, and there are a lot of people who can promote/ back your fundraiser for $5. Now, why GoFundMe? Because they have an easy payment process. This way, in case PayPal ask you where the funds are coming from. You can safely say it’s from your fundraiser. All PayPal will say is good luck with that and have a great day.


The cashout tactic has been used for ages. However, the advantage of this one is that another niche has been added and supports instant cashout. You can do this in any account you want. However, the only way to do this is to let the funs sit for 24 hours at seat and then withdraw.

Before, we had the very famous IBAN Card cashout. I had like $5000 limit per year it was only $50 I believe. But that was only for Polish Accounts. It had around $500/day limit if I remember correctly. However, the problem with IBANs is that they are most likely backlisted in PayPal nowadays. Not all, but most of the BINs are.

Now, seller like 69hour marketplace are selling debit cards. This is adding another dimension in cashing out PayPal funds through a debit card. A lot of my customers are reporting success with debit cards. However, with this new cashout guide, you will only need someone’s fullz and then a drop address. The advantage of this method is that the transfer is instant and PayPal 100% support it, in fact, they made it.

First of all, we head to or just Google “PayPal Prepaid Card”. Now, we just apply a PayPal prepaid card with someone’s fullz. Now, what we do next is contact 69hour. Have them create an account with the same name as the fullz but make the account point to your drop address.

Next, we try to do PROGRESSIVE TRANSFER on this account, however this time only with semi-clean funds. Try to keep track of your withdrawal and try not to go beyond $3800 as that is the yearly limit. Try $250 first, and then move upwards till you get $3800. While doing this, try applying for another PayPal Prepaid Card. If you get successful transfer of these method, you will get $19,000 in 1 week.

Good Luck

By Yasuo


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