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Ultimate PayPal Guide by Yasuo

This is basically an information overhaul from v3.0 + v3.5. After reading this, you will thoroughly understand why you come up with such ...

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This is basically an information overhaul from v3.0 + v3.5. After reading this, you will thoroughly understand why you come up with such problem and how you will be able to provide a solution to such problem. I have included new method money and how you can make even more with it. If you read through the guide, most, if not all, of your question regarding PayPal roadblocks should be answered.



To everyone who uses PayPal, you know how frustrating this is. Be it you’re a legitimate user or just someone who wants to cashout big dirty funds. We all know that, if you contact PayPal either by phone or email. You will get the same response. They don’t know what/ how this is triggered because it’s automatically denied by their system.

This could mean a lot of things. I have done quite a lot of research on this. I’ve done this on accounts on different countries with different accounts types. Person, Premier, Business, Verified, Non-Verified, etc. Unfortunately, this error will always occur no matter if you earn $1M/day with PayPal or not. This will always happen. PayPal is doing its best to avoid high-risk transaction because they are greedy. They don’t want to lose money, if anything they want to take your money away. However, the most common factor that triggers this error is when you move the funds too fast. Let’s say you receive funds today, when you try to send it right away, most likely you’ll get this error. Other reasons are when you send money to someone relatively new. Let’s say the account is from the US, most of the time you send your funds to other US-based accounts as well. Now, PayPal will find it suspicious that you will send a payment to a guy in Uganda. So, to prevent this, try to have the same pattern of sending payments. Goods/ Services to the same country PayPal account. You get the point.

I have gathered quite a bit of information on how to bypass this without having to call PayPal (which is our last resort). So, first thing’s first, there are 3 ways to approach PayPal payment sending.

  • You use their website on your desktop
  • You use their website on your desktop with a different user agent. (Use user agent switcher on Mozilla)
  • You use their mobile application. (This is different than #2 because you’re using their gateway which is used in their PayPal Phone app.). This has the most success rate out of all 3.

Also, try to regularly exercise the following operations to have better success on sending funds:

  • Clean your stuff. Use CCleaner clean each option (unless you have something you don’t want to be deleted). And then Bleachbit after CCleaner to make sure everything is clean.
  • If you have a bank account or a credit/debit card attached to your account, try to remove them and then add them again. And then send afterwards.
  • Try to utilized some of PayPal’s features. You can send an invoice to the account you want the money from or you can setup a Donation/ Buy Now button and have them pay there. Also, you can use third party payment processors like GoFundMe/ FundRazr and such.
  • Try not to send $1000 right away. Instead, do 5 increments of $200.
  • If you have tried the 3 steps of sending (Points #1, #2 and #3) and still failed. Try to use different browsers, if you use Mozilla, try Chrome/ IE
  • PayPal will do automated fraud check on each and every account, if yours do not pass, then you can’t send the payment. However, if you are cleared, then you will have no problems with them. However, since this is automated, I can’t find out what their looking at in each account to flag it or not. One of the easiest ways for this to let the funds site. This way, you act like a regular user and your activity is not that suspicious. Always remember, PayPal doesn’t want to lose money. So, you must think of ways on how to make them think you are not trying to steal from them.
  • The last resort for this is to call them and verify your information with them. If you run a business on group, you must give them the papers. If you run a business on a group, you must give them the papers. If you run a business as an individual, then you must provide them the documents needed to verify your information. This works most of the time but I always avoid doing this.
  • Try to use your account on a different user, use it on VPS/RDP, or you use a VPN, try to get dedicated IP just for that account.
  • If the receiver’s primary currency is dollar, try to send the payment as dollar. Or at least make your primary currency to dollar and then try to send again.
  • Check your account. All accounts have their own sending/ receiving limits unless you have verified your account to a certain level. Most countries only requires you to verify the account to lift those limits.
  • IP Address. Try to use the same IP Address you use for your transaction. It’s best that you have 1 dedicated static IP Address per account
  • If I want to send you a code to your mobile phone, make sure you are not using free ones available in the internet. Use a burner phone, that way you are receiving from non-blacklisted #.
  • Make a payment while you are on the phone with PayPal. I have done this once before and I was successful. If you are still getting that error, call PayPal, explain to them what you want and where the money is going. They adjust certain “patterns” in your account for you to be able to send money again.


Everyone who uses PayPal will eventually come to a time where they can’t accept payments from their customers. However, this is quite rare if the receiving PayPal account is in perfect standing.

First thing to make sure you have a good account is to turn your account into a Business type account. This is easy and doesn’t require anything to upgrade from personal/ Premier. However, there are pros and cons in everything. With a business account, PayPal will ask you about the nature of your business, some invoices, your business income etc. But let me tell you, once your account has been limited and you provided all the information they need, this account can receive a lot of cash and can delay chargebacks, PayPal protects people who use them in their business. For example, www.gyft.com is a big gift card site. When people try to dispute, most of the time they win because they are big and established financial institution.

If your business account has a credit/ debit card linked to it, this how to optimize your account to receive payments from credit/ debit cards:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click on profile
  3. Click on My Selling Tools on the left side of the screen
  4. Look for the option called “Web Preference” and then click update
  5. You can see a feature called “PaypPal Account Optional” make sure it’s ON!
  6. Save

NOTE: In some countries, even with a Business account, PayPal will require your customers to pay using PayPal account. To confirm this, please contact PayPal support team.

If your customers can’t send payment to your account even though your account is in perfect standing, the problem is on their side now: THE CARD YOU ENTERED CANNOT BE USED FOR THIS PAYMENT/ WE CAN’T SEND YOUR PAYMENT RIGHT NOW

  • The card used has exceeded PayPal’s guest checkout limit which is $4000
  • The card used has exceeded PayPal’s guest checkout limit of 15 times
  • The card used for the payment is attached to a PayPal account
  • The card has been previously used on a fraudulent transaction in PayPal
  • The payment was done on blacklisted IP in PayPal
  • The card has insufficient funds
  • The card’s bank has restricted it to make a payment on PayPal
  • The card’s bank has restricted the card to be used on online purchases
  • The card has been reported as lost/stolen
  • The card’s bank requires further verification and authorization to proceed on the final payment
  • The email address used raises red flags in PayPal



As previously mentioned in the previous section. One of the best way of sending your own transfer would be using Payhip or sites alike where they offer online tracking for your digital item. There are other sites like Sellfy, Instabucks etc. I will now tell you the difference

  • SELLFY – really really good for transfer. The advantage of Sellfy for sending transfer is that they have the ability to let you send money even though the card attached to another PayPal account. However, this is not a guarantee that you can send the funds. This just another alternative of trying to send the funds. However, these has been a lot of reports stating that Sellfy randomly limits the PayPal accounts that are linked to it. Also if you get declined a couple of times, they ban Sellfy account (sellfy.com)
  • PAYHIP – It’s like Sellfy but doesn’t ban your account even though you receive a lot of declines already. I use this most of the time. However, if you are going to do transfer service, you might have to let your customer’s setup up their own Payhip account because you have to manually link your own PayPal account to have working Payhip link. (payhip.com)
  • INSTABUCK – Different from Sellfy since you don’t have the ability to create PayPal account upon checking out, thus you cannot have the ability to send a transfer when a card is attached to another PayPal. (instabuck)
  • DPD – Now, I just discovered DPD. When you have 20 card and all of those fail to run on Sellfy/ Payhip, try it on DPD. Out of 20, maybe 5 will go through. Not guaranteed but I have gotten 5/20 cards in DPD that didn’t go through although in Sellfy/ Payhip. (getdpd.com)
  • YOUCARING – This should be your last option. This doesn’t cover any digital goods as this is only a donation/ fundraiser site. So you really don’t have a chance of fighting chargebacks that much. However, this site is like Payhip but easier. You only must input the PayPal email to begin the transfer (youcaring.com)


Before we proceed, let me just tell you more about this. Seller Protection is when you sell a product and ship to the shipping address provided in the transaction. Now, Seller Protection is only available for items that can shipped, you must provide a tracking number to validate the said protection. But don’t be fooled, if a transaction is under Seller Protection, you don’t win automatically. Every dispute in PayPal is handled by a real human, not by a bot. So, everything will be decided fairly. If there’s something wrong with the purchase (CH’s location, time of purchase, etc.) you automatically lose. So, if you decided to go this way, make sure you look like a legit seller and a good social engineer (you will need it when calling PayPal).

  • xCLICK – Xclick IS A VERY OLD METHOD. This applies on physical goods because you also enter the shipping address of the card holder upon checkout (paypal.com/xclick/business=paypalemail)
  • SELZ – It’s flexible third party payment processor for PayPal. You can have your items listed as Physical Goods, Service, or digital goods (selz.com)
  • SHOPIFY – you can make a legit-looking ecommerce site with shopify in seconds and you can setup your account there very easy. (shopify.com)
  • EBAY – We all know ebay. It’s company ran together with PayPal (ebay.com)
  • ETSY – almost the same as ebay with fever listings and mostly handcrafted items. (etsy.com)

If you indeed go this route, make sure you ship the item the same day or the next day you received the payment to make it look like it was a legitimate purchase.


As everyone knows, PayPal ONLY offers seller protection to payments that were sent as goods/ services. About seller protection, per their site, they only offer this for US Accounts which is retarded as PayPal is used worldwide. If you do not know the meaning of tangible and intangible goods, basically tangible is something you can hold or is a physical item. Intangible are online services, digital items, and the like. Going back to the question, do not discouraged. If you sell digital goods, this isn’t an instant loss for you. When first registration with PayPal, most of the time you are registering their “Tangible Goods’ terminal. This is when you register directly on the Paypay.com site and click the registration button. I have learned that PayPal has terminal registration page for “Intangible Goods”, It can be found here: http://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/digital-goods or if you don’t want to type that out, just Google “The Cost-Effective Way to sell digital Goods”


  • Online Tracking
  • Shows information who bought the ebook/Digital item and it shows if it was downloaded or not.
  • We can have customized terms of services


  • The easiest way to do this is to call PayPal. Why? Because they have lesser time to think on their decision and not do it by email where they have 24 hours just to come up with a decision and usually, it doesn’t favor you.
  • When doing my transfer, try to attach an ebook you can find anywhere. You can go to leak.sx and get a leaked ebook there and attach it to your Payhip
  • Make sure your Payhip has a proper setup. The ebook is attached, the PayPal attached is verified Premier/ Business, you put terms of service on the product description, and buy some traffic to your Payhip link. The reason why we want traffic on your Payhip link is that we need to stay “legitimate”. If you have 21 viewers and these are buyers. It’s not believable. Even though you say, “I only sent the link to buyers.” It is still best that you have different kind of traffics to your Payhip link.
  • Show them your terms of service so that way PayPal will know that the buyer agreed on it before doing the purchase. Here’s what mine look like:


  1. You agree to my terms of service upon purchasing this guide
  2. All sales are final
  3. We are in an agreement that you will not get a physical item delivered
  4. We are in an agreement that you are buying a digital order
  5. You will not chargeback
  6. You will not purchase this guide without bank’s consent and permission
  7. Future chargebacks will be used against you as it is a serious offence of fraud

Your only chance of winning dispute is not by Seeing them, but rather with evidences, PayPal cannot distinguish if the purchase was made by illegal/legal means if the transfer was done right (Same city/ state Socks5 and done on a right time. For example, it was sent around 11AM or 2PM. It’s stupid if you sent it around 3AM because what kind of businessman/woman stay up that late? Unless they work at those hours.) So, when you enter a dispute, there is a 50/50 chance you will win. Be it with a seller protection or not.



Do not confuse payment gateway with payment processor. PayPal is a payment processor. They are the company who process your payments so that you can accept those payments in your accounts. Payment Gateways are the variations of a payment processor.

  • SEND MONEY INTERFACE: This one is the one we use most of the time. This is where your login to your account and send money from the dashboard of your account. Nothing new here. You just must enter the email address and the amount you want to send.
  • PAYPAL PAYMENTS STANDARDS: This is the payment gateway that most ecommerce sites use. Every basic thing that you need to run your site and accept payment are included here. I don’t like to use this when doing transfers as you must be redirected to PayPal’s site to use their interface for checking out. (https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/paypal-payments-standard)
  • PAYPAL PAYMENTS ADVANCED Just like standard but you can checkout while staying on your site (where you have implemented the code for PayPal Payment Advanced) I sue this when doing transfer as you must be redirect to PayPal’s site to use their interface for checking out. (https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/paypal=payments-advanced)
  • PAYPAL PAYMENTS PRO: Almost like advanced but you can use their Virtual Terminal here. Where you can order by phone/ email/ etc. (https://www.paypal.com/webapp/mpp/paypal-payments-pro)
  • PAYPAL HERE: This is the physical counterpart of any other PayPal Payment Gateways. Here you can encode a dump and just swipe it to your PayPal here. (http://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/credit-card-reader)
  • FUNDRAISER GATEWAY: Basically you make your account focus on accepting donations from other people (http://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/fundraise)
  • PAYPAL PAYFLOW PRO: Payflow Pro can be integrated into your website or e-commerce application, so you have complete control over the look, feel and functionality. (http://www.paypa.com/ph/cgi-bin/webcr?cmd=_paylflow-pro-overview-outside)
  • PAYPAL PAYFLOW LINK: With Payflow Pro, your customers don’t leave your site to enter their payment information during the checkout process, Payflow Pro is a scalable, fully-integrated payment procession solution, so it is ideal for business with moderate to large number of transactions.

With that, just choose which payment gateway fits you the most and start making money. I personally use PayPal Payment Advanced.



AMAZON: With Amazon, you can triple your money’s worth. Follow the instruction below:

  1. Purchase an Amazon Gift Card from gyft.com
  2. Apply gift card on your Amazon account
  3. Make sure your shipping address is not blacklisted
  4. If you have USD 500, order a PS4/Xbox or whatever you want
  5. Double dip that. Now you have 2 PS4/Xbox + you still have USD 400
  6. You can order another PS4/XBOX. So out of your USD 500, you could get profit of USD 1000
  7. By the way, you can still refund that for another USD 500

SITES THAT ACCEPTS PAYPAL: This is almost the same as Amazon but we will now take advantage of PayPal’s dispute system.

  1. Purchase an item from a site
  2. Make sure you choose USPS
  3. If there’s no USPS, go with UPS/ Fedex and try not to sign for it
  4. When you have it, dispute over PayPal and say you never receive it.
  5. That’s free item now
  6. There’s a limit of 3 chargebacks per month


  1. Buy an eBay Gift Certificate
  2. Sell for BTC
  3. Chargeback
  4. Rinse and Repeat

PayPal Betting Sites

  1. Find a noob looking site
  2. Most of these sites have an old system
  3. Martingale Scheme still works on them
  4. Profit
  5. This is not the best option, it’s another option if you want to have some fun

Remember: The best methods are the ones that no one knows about. So be creative.



To optimize your transfers, I suggest you make a US PayPal account. I have had the most success with them


  1. VPS: VPN is the main requirement here. The reason being that we only want 1 IP Address for our account. Nothing else, if you ever come up with a choice on buying a VPS, make sure you are getting STATIC IP one, not dynamic so your IP Address won’t change. This is your first step on acquiring an account that will be in good standing in PayPal’s eyes
  2. VCC: If you are going to make a US account, this is not the main one that will verify your account. However, we will still need this to lift some limits in PayPal
  3. VBA: The main ingredient on verifying your PayPal account
  4. Cheap Document Supplier: A cheap reliable documents supplier is needed as you would want to make a lot PayPal accounts.
  5. Fullz (If you get a TIN (Tax Identification Number) then it’s so much better. Dead or live Fullz are fine. It won’t matter. Fullz are needed to provide DOB and SSN to the account. IF you can get Fullz with TIN, then it will be so much better.
  6. Burner Phone or App: This is needed for both account protection and payment verification.


  1. Create a notepad and store all the information per account
  2. Register in PayPal. Make sure you’re doing everything in the VPS. Include the DOB, SSN, and TIN if you have it now
  3. Do not add both VCC and VBA the same day
  4. Add VCC on the day of registration
  5. Once you confirmed your VCC. Wait 2-3 business days before adding your VBA
  6. Add you VBA and confirm
  7. Go to Profile and make sure your account in a Business Type
  8. Provide information regarding your business
  9. Wait 3 business days before making a legit transaction. It’s important that the first transaction doesn’t get charge back as this defines on what type of user you are in PayPal
  10. You should be set now

REMEMBER: Always do Progressive Transfer to accept bigger amounts.

TIP: 1 VPS = 1 Account

TIP: Don’t make various account per IP. You don’t want your accounts to be linked to each other



Some people think that once their account are in good standing, they can abuse right away. This is a bad practice. You can do so much with a good account.


Controlled Transactions is anything that doesn’t look suspicious. For starters, a good example would be low # of transactions per day and low amount of $. Also, try to make a consistent range of your transaction amounts like $100-$200.


If you are store, you must have transaction record like a real store. So, think about your market, if they are from the US, try to send the transaction in the right time. Do not send transactions from 10PM-9AM. Start from 10AM-6PM. It’s an 8-hour window to make money.


If you sell goods and services, make sure the money is sent as goods/services. If you are selling a service, make sure that your buyers or the transaction should not put a shipping address or else you must send something since they will be under buyer protection.


Act like you’re confused. Try to treat them like a bank even though they are not. Every time you have a problem, try to call in and have it fixed with their CSA (Customer Service Agent).


You must apply everything you have learned so far or else everything will be for nothing. The withdrawal stage is the most critical stage. This decides whether you are going to get your money or not. Like point no.3, if you withdraw everything from the start, then you have to do that all the time. However, I suggest you leave some in your account. It’s ALWAYS suspicious if you withdraw everything. I usually leave 50% on my account. By doing this, PayPal will allow it for me because, if shit hits the fan, at least I can pay them with the remaining balance I have left in my account.

  1. When to Withdraw: Always withdraw 2-3 business days after you received your last transaction. So you get your last transaction on Monday, try to initiate the withdrawal process on Wednesday
  2. How much to withdraw: start with 50% till you make your way to 20%. Took me almost 1 month + to reach 20% withdrawing with no problem. My best account has been limited once, and after that, I have never experienced any problem anymore.
  3. Where to withdraw: All up to you in this stage, if you have prepaid card (PayPal), then you can do it there so you can withdraw right away. Don’t use IBAN/ mBanks



PayPal’s debit cards are hands down the best receiving medium for PayPal funds. The instant withdrawal makes it great. However, due to the massive amount of fraudulent usage of these cards, they lowered the withdrawal of it.  But it is still better than waiting 2-3 days for the funds to hit the account. Since I am moving on from this and found much better cashout solution, I will now tell you my way of cashing out using these cards even though you are not from the USA.


  • DROP ADDRESS (1 drop per operation): I want you to be creative and utilize Google on this one
  • FULLZ (SSN + DOB would be enough): You will be using the Fullz’s identity on creating the accounts
  • VPS: PayPal is fully aware of the IP addresses from datacenter (where the VPS are hosted). It’s easier to utilize PayPal from a home address. But VPS will be just fine
  • INVESTMENT (the ROI of your investment will be on your first withdrawal. GUARANTEED): You have choice here. The most practical here is to find a VBA to confirm your account because all accounts should be US. And then we will use PayPal’s debit card to complete the verification.

I will now explain the steps 1 by 1 so that you will be able to understand and cashout big ASAP

  1. First, we must buy our fullz
  2. Go to Google and find a drop address
  3. Setup your account for your drop address. REMEMBER: 1 card per drop. Always remember that. Or else PayPal will tell you they mailed the card, but it will not arrive
  4. Get your fullz, and go to PayPal’s debit card page and apply for the card
  5. Fill up everything and apply. The cards usually arrive in 10 business days because PayPal is cheap son of bitch who uses USPS
  6. AS soon as you apply for the card, make a PayPal account that matches the fullz address
  7. Get your VPS. It doesn’t matter if the address is in Virginia and your VPS is in New York. That’s fine. It’s normal for people to move out. However, it’s best to match your VPS’s location to your drop’s city/ state
  8. Find a VBA for your account. Confirm it
  9. You will need to apply the progressive transfer until you get the card
  10. Once you have the card, you now have a good standing, PayPal account with transaction history and should have no problem receiving PayPal Transfer
  11. Transfer $250, cashout $200 from an ATM
  12. Rinse and repeat

TIP: It is best to setup multiple accounts at once. It is work intensive, but everything will pay off in the end. If you have patient, please refer to this chapter again to multiply your PayPal money:

* PAYPAL MONEY MULTIPLIER You can abuse Amazon refunding with your debit cards these ways.



I will try to explain this as brief as possible. I have used this and I have been successful with it. However, it is not the most practical thing to do just because of the cost

  1. Buy a hacked account from Marketplace with the number of funds you want to transfer.
  2. You can get the socks from the suggested site here
  3. Head over to PayPal’s student account gateway (http://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/student-accounts)
  4. Click “Open a Student Account”
  5. Click “I’m a parent”
  6. Enter the detail for student account.
  7. Now, when it asks you transfer an amount, you just choose there
  8. Most of the time your student account should have the money
  9. Wait 1-2 business days and move the money

TIP: It’s best to choose an account that hasn’t logged in for a month or 2. It is hard to send money from an account that has been inactive for a while.


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